IPC operates across a number of areas working to protect intellectual property and fight piracy. Use the sidebar to get familiar wit IPCs main areas of operation.


Piracy doesnot target one particular market. It affects companies in a wide range of areas, counterfeiting sporting goods, luxury items, medications, designer-brand clothes, sunglasses, and electronic items, among many other products.

These counterfeit products are produced locally, imported, underbilled, and smuggled.

IPC works to identify the manufacturers, distributors and importers of illegal products.

Investigations - Internet

The Internet is fertile terrain for piracy. There is a plethora of websites, auction sites, virtual communities and spam offering products of illegal origins.

IPC advises its clients on which cases to investigate, how to notify less popular sites and the removal of links through internet providers. Additionally, there is also the possibility of negotiating with AD Brokers and conducting buy & trace and auction monitoring.

Criminal Proceedings

With the support of the law Investigations authorities, IPC can coordinate criminal proceedings to remove counterfeit products from the market.

Additionally, IPC maps out priority areas for its clients on an ongoing basis, is in constant contact with the authorities in these areas and works to step up Investigations in periods near strategic releases.

Special Operations

IPC conducts special operations designed to protect important products during a specific period (new releases), a specific region or a particular event.

License compliance

To get organizations to purchase original software licenses for operational systems, applications, servers and other programs, IPC cross-references data, analyzes purchases and conducts field investigations to identify companies as potential targets.

Additionally, IPC also sends out cease and desist letters, makes follow up calls, holds negotiation meetings and conducts civil compensation suits.

Civil Suits

In order to obtain compensation for the use of products that violate copyright, IPC proposes cautionary moves for the perpetuation of testimony, declaratory actions and settlements.

Anti-camcording Activities

The use of camcorders to record films in movie theatres has grown by more than 200% in Brazil in the last 2 years.

To avoid this kind of illegal activity, IPC provides training for movie theatre employees, conducts in-loco investigations during major film launches and works to ensure that those caught in the act are charged.

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